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There has been an emergence of the idea that “healthcare” as it has been done for the past 60+ years, is only really useful when one is sick or unwell in some way. To prevent sickness or dysfunction, and the need for what is being described as “sick care”, people are looking to make positive changes in their health prior to sickness. Wellness is a popular buzzword and very commonly searched term on the internet, which shows: today's culture is very interested in taking charge of their health.

As chiropractors, we stand in a unique place within the healthcare sphere, often catching conditions and pain-causing issues at an early stage. We help our patients to make changes in their health and habits, and treat conditions often prior to the onset of permanent damage! Wellness and injury prevention are driving motivators behind much of what we do at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic, and we are proud to be an important part of our patients' wellness strategy!

So... How does wellness work from a chiropractic perspective? Optimum flexibility and proper movement in ANY area helps to prevent injury, the spine is no exception. For active people, a good injury prevention strategy includes:

  • regular exercise
  • proper mobility and stretching
  • proper nutrition
  • periodic chiropractic maintenance

Chiropractic maintenance or wellness, as administered at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic, works in two primary areas: mechanical,


and non-mechanical.

  • chiropractic helps to aid mechanical movement:
    • reduces adhesion and restriction in joints
    • reduces muscle tone and tension in tight or injured areas
    • improves blood flow
    • reduces pain
  • Common mechanical issues we address on a maintenance basis include:
    • postural tension due to computer use
    • general adjustments for overall flexibility in active people
    • pre-season and mid-season tuneups for athletes, to maintain proper flexibility.
  • Non-Mechanical
    • Chiropractic can also help many non-mechanical problems. Though there isn't much research evidence to establish chiropractic as a primary treatment for these issues, these are conditions that we very often see improve after adjusting:
      • acid reflux/Heartburn
      • shortness of breath
      • headache
      • sinus congestion
      • chest pain – *If you're having chest pain, you should still go to the ER or see your primary care physician right away. But you should know, we get many patients referred from the ER having chest pain, and on examination have nothing wrong with their cardiovascular system, but instead, have a mechanical issue occurring with their rib or upper back.


If you are looking at making healthy changes to your routine, consider adding Chiropractic! Wellness and maintenance at your Bozeman Chiropractor does not mean coming in to be adjusted every day. It means using us as a resource when your body starts to complain. Listening to your body during your own exercise, stretching, and recreation, will tell you when it is time for your wellness visit, at Gallatin Valley Chiropractic.


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